New Products to keep your pool or hot tub feeling luxurious.

Gezon Motors of Grand Rapids
Spa Pure New For 2022 - EZ-Enzyme + PhosAway

EZ-Enzyme + PhosAway

Safely and naturally biodegrades wastes in water, reduces spa maintenance, and produce naturally cleaner spa water. Reduce chemical usage while producing results naturally.

Helps to keep spa filters clean, meaning less time messing with cartridge cleaning

Reduces phosphate levels which can inhibit salt cells from working effectively.

Gezon Motors of Grand Rapids

Salt Start Disinfectant

Automatic chlorine generators are a neat luxury add-on for any spa or hot tub for long lasting water clarifying ability.

So why would you grab the water softener salt used to keep your toilet clean? Grab the salt by the spa experts with SPA in the name. Our exclusive formula to keep water in balance longer all while keeping surfaces and equipment free from scale.

Before beginning any pool treatment, Talk with your pool professional about in-depth testing of your pool and source water

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